Daniel Radley-Bennett

Digital Artist

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National Theatre - The Silver Tassie

The Silver Tassie production for the National Theatre featured an intricate set and scene change, designed by Vicki Mortimer and directed by Howard Davies. The difficulties of organising the scene change meant that the pre-production for the show relied heavily on the previsualisation I created as Digital Artist on the project.


The CGI set was used both for sightline studies to determine where the set needed to be tweaked and changed for the audience and scene change studies to keep all members of the crew on the same page in relation to the timing and movements of each piece.


In the video to the right, you can see the Act 1-2 Scene change previsualisation and further below, an earlier draft of the full previs.


These previs studies were created in 3ds Max, textured using Photoshop and composited together using After Effects.