Daniel Radley-Bennett

Digital Artist

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Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists

Aardman Animations (2012-2013)

Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists.

Aardman Animations

Dir: Peter Lord


I worked as the Techvis artist across the majority of Pirates. This involved coordinating with the development and technical departments such as Previs and Cinematography to produce the most effective Techvis scene. I used/created a Previs scene and designed a method to film the shot using Maya. The role involved camera and character animation skills and an understanding of the capabilities of the motion control and rigging system. I needed to be able to edit and create full Previs scenes with technical on-set knowledge.


As an Assistant TD on Pirates I also worked as part of the Matchmoving team, camera and object tracking countless shots. I animated CG character rigs for anim-roto and composed, lit, rendered and composited 3D models for the Pirates website mini-games.


Software used:







The Techvis Process

Camera Tracking

Working in the Camera Tracking (Matchmoving) department at Aardman meant working in a team to track the footage and create 3D points in space. When enough 3D points had been created successfully by using real-world distances taken on-set, the track was tested using basic geometry as scene in wireframe in the video to the left.


Once footage had been stabalized in this way, CG animation was able to be placed seemlessly on top.